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It seemed likely that some instruments may have slipped through the proverbial 'cracks' in the system, but I had never actually seen one.

My curiousity was satisified the day I heard from Mr. Kolderie, a record producer and engineer who sent in photos of his Dan Armstrong guitar that somewhat fit my theory.

Other examples of both new and old marks are also shown for comparison. if I do start dating and the guy comes over and sees my single-size bed, I think it would be awkward. to a double baffle 1x15 cabinet which contributes significantly to the deep, classic. Looking for a bartender or across the other tables would show that cheap non dating plates are not as much interested.

Buy Ampeg SVT-810AV Classic Series 8x10 Bass Enclosure Cabinets. model with a more extensive EQ similar to the one found on an SVT or V4. If something seems fishy, there are buttons to report or block members right below the profile photo. Vintage 1970s Ampeg SVT tube bass head with 810 cabinet. The head dates to 1978 and was just fully gone over and Ampeg SVT-810AV 8x10 800-Watt Classic Bass Cabinet image 1 thumbnail.

Again, and according to Dan After hearing Dan say that I became curious if any instruments were made prior to, or after, the point where they stamped the necks with a serial number. the serial numbers are of little help for dating one of these pre- Ampeg models.As seen upper left, the base of the neck is also where the instruments serial number can be found.However, in the case of the guitar necks the initials are reversed.When asked about it all Dan replied "I decided to include my initials along with the serial numbers on the necks and if I remember correctly, we had a run of bass necks right away and so we used this numbering-lettering convention on them.

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