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The synagogue at the corner of Fournier Street and Brick Lane became the Jamme Masjid or 'Great London Mosque', which continues to serve the Bangladeshi community to this day.

This building represents the history of successive communities of immigrants in this part of London.

During the 1970s, a large numbers of Bangladeshis immigrated to the UK, primarily from the Sylhet region.

The largest concentration live in east London boroughs, such as Tower Hamlets.

There are also significant numbers of British Bangladeshis in Birmingham, Oldham, Luton, Burnley and Bradford, with smaller clusters in Manchester, Newcastle upon Tyne, Rochdale, Cardiff and Edinburgh.

The 2011 UK Census recorded nearly half-a-million residents of Bangladeshi ethnicity.

Today's identification and association of British Bangladeshis with Tower Hamlets owes much to this campaign.

A park has been named after Altab Ali at the street where he was murdered.

In 1993, racial violence was incited by the anti-immigration British National Party (BNP); several Bangladeshi students were severely injured, but the BNP's attempted inroads were stopped after demonstrations of Bangladeshi resolve.

White youths known as "skinheads" appeared in the Brick Lane area, vandalising property and reportedly spitting on Bengali children and assaulting women.

Bengali children were allowed out of school early; women walked to work in groups to shield them from potential violence.

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