Calcutta dating friendship

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How else does a man behave in these deeply conservative and traditional societies? In Africa, I have seen a rich Western woman lose her temper over some minor difficulty in catching a bus, and the locals turning away from the scene, deeply embarrassed on her behalf.He doesn't jump up and down to show excitement, and he certainly doesn't lose his temper, as Ramsay does. How shameful for a grown woman to start screaming and shouting and going all red in the face over such a little thing as a bus being a few minutes late. With Ramsay, though, temper tantrums and strong language are supposedly a sign of his passionate devotion to his craft.There was a hilarious scene with Ramsay in a meditation pool.Ramsay's idea of peaceful meditation was to plough up and down the pool in a vigorous front crawl, while the Indians stood back, hands together and eyes closed in serene contemplation.To the food-stall boy in the streets of Calcutta, he says: 'Very good. After all, swearing at the top of your voice - whether on the bus, in the pub or on TV - is, I'm afraid, now a daily staple of British life. Yes, Gordon Ramsay has been on TV again, this time in a three-part journey around India, called Gordon's Great Escape. In this country, we have become depressingly inured to the wearisome and repetitive stream of expletives that flows from his mouth.It is, after all, language at its most violent and threatening.No wonder it is so disliked in India, with its millennia-old ideals of peacefulness and serenity.

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He's adventurous and often likeably self-deprecating. And, at times, the culture clash between the belligerent Scotsman and gentle India threw up some very funny moments.But his Great Escape also offered some less appealing images.'It's not the easiest country for a Westerner to adjust to,' he observed at one point.No, and he's not the easiest Westerner for India to adjust to either, when he's guffawing at a local in Kerala only half his size, with: 'You little f*****, making me look like a t***!' A pretty lady at a banquet tells him in the politest possible way that his kebabs are OK, but could do with more spice.

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