Consolidating itunes 11

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Using this trick you can create as many libraries as you want on different drives, then choose the relevant one when starting up.If you have more than one Mac (or PC) at home you may want to transfer i Tunes files between them.It also works for streaming any of this data to Apple's devices around your home.i Tunes libraries can get a little unwieldy, not to mention the fact that they can use up your previous hard drive space.Also, you may not know that deleting something from a playlist does not delete it from the Library, so it will still hang around.In i Tunes' FIle menu, go to the Home Sharing submenu and turn on Home Sharing, which will require you to authorise with your Apple ID.Do the same on another Mac on your local network, and each library that has been shared should appear in the Shared section in i Tunes. As well as streaming any music and video between these computers, you will also now be able to drag and drop to copy the same content between libraries.

So you might search for an album name, then delete those files from the master Library list.With all of your files in one folder, you can easily transfer or back up your media.Jen Anderson has been writing professionally since 2008.Her work has appeared in the "New York Times," "Time Out Chicago" and "The Villager." She has a Master of Fine Arts in creative writing from Brooklyn College.By default, these files are in your i Tunes folder.

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