Dating and seduction tips

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Most guys – the other 95% – will only sleep with about an average of 4 women before they get married.

If the other 5% gets to seduce all the other beautiful women – and you’re not one of this special group of guys – you’re missing out and you’re getting ripped off.

As I said above, I want to give you four of my programs to get you moving on the right track.

You can download these four right away and get started right now.

Here are more tips you’ll learn in just the first few weeks of your membership…

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I’ll give you these four powerful programs as a kind of “ethical bribe.” In fact, if you try this out I want to give you another program at no cost as well.

You know you don’t need a full makeover, but you just want some methods to polish up a few areas where you’re not feeling confident about yourself. I show them how to make small (sometimes HUGE) improvements to their game.

And I do this by showing you ALL the different techniques that you can get better results in your game with women.

This took him a few minutes a day, and he got MUCH MORE attention and interest based on this one thing. Craig is the average guy that wants to learn these dating techniques and secrets.

I see guys like him , and in every workshop or seminar I hold, and he’s 90% of the guys that write in with dating advice questions.

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