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You can expect to get a higher price for a Beanie Baby at an auction that is for Beanie collectors than you can at a garage sale or on e Bay. One of the most current ones is Warman's Bean Plush Field Guide: Values and Identification.It may take longer to sell through a Beanie Baby auction house or a website for collectors but the higher price you get will be worth it. A price guide should be no more than two years old in most cases for you to get the more accurate evaluation.Mint - Character shows no signs of wear or defects and has the both the hang tags and tush tags intact.Near Mint - The tags might be slightly worn or bent but the character is in perfect condition.These sell for 80% to 90% of the price of the same toy in mint condition. The character itself will still be in perfect condition.The fair price on a beanie in excellent condition would be about 65% to 75% of the mint price.While the photo isn’t clear enough to decipher the exact brand of beanie Harry or Markle are wearing, she was recently spotted wearing a very similar-looking beanie from the brand Hat Attack while in Canada, where she films her hit series, .

They should not be played with if you plan to keep them or sell them as collectible items.

There are several factors that contribute to the final value of Beanie Babies.

When the Beanie Baby craze was at full swing it was not unusual for a particularly popular Beanie to sell for hundreds of dollars.

You will also need to identify the hang tag to see which generation of Beanie it is.

The toys were made in "generations" and the first generation will be more valuable than the ones that follow.

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