Dating for disabled

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As a swimmer, she’d gotten used to using tampons at an early age.But accessing the world of dating and sex felt terrifying.I guess we had one day when we were brought to the gym [to learn].But I didn’t attend gym classes,” says Trace, who’s now an educator at Halifax sex shop Venus Envy and author of get wet. The things some people say will feel good won’t necessarily feel good for me,” says Trace.The challenges of dating with a disability don’t begin and end in the bedroom—they start with education, move to dating and accessible spaces and encompass sexual preferences that may change as your disability does.*** While schools across Canada are still debating what broad information about sex education is appropriate, and when to teach it, specific education about sexual health and disability isn’t even on their radar.

And in the fashion world, Jillian Mercado, a model with muscular dystrophy who uses an electric wheelchair, has appeared in campaigns for Diesel and Beyoncé.Because she is missing her leg, she also has only half a bum and half a pelvis, and she was worried that her vagina was disfigured—she’d never compared hers to anyone else’s.Growing up in Brampton, Ont., Dixon’s sex education came entirely from friends (and one incident where, at her mom’s insistence, she and her older brother practiced rolling condoms onto bananas).By 19, she’d fallen into a pattern of only making out with men when she was drunk.In university, she would panic when someone showed interest in her at a bar.

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