Downdating minecraft

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It probably isn't overclocked if you bought that laptop new . and for nvapi gpu it says, current 53, min 43 and max 81. Install hwinfo64 and let it run while you game, when you get the artifacts, look at the max temperature for your GPU. it says nvidia gpu[#0] GPU temp is current: 53 cel, min 43, and max 80. G74SX-A1 BIOS: NONE | VGA: 560M @ 311.00 | WIFI: AR9002WB-1NG @ | LAN: Realtek PCIe BGE @ 7.37.1229.2010 | Synaptic: | Audio: Realtek @ Chipset: | P4G: 1.1.48 | Wireless Console : 3.0.27 so i can't really post a pic, so here is a video i uploaded that has the issue. i didn't think it was normal, so i quick gta, and went back to black ops.

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