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These are supposed to be short term to help you out of some sort of pain or anxiety and unfortunately Aaron has become completely dependent on them so our goal is to show different coping mechanisms because these medicines he’s taking just mask problems not solve them.Aaron is a good guy, who has been a pop star since he was a young little boy, but he’s a human and he’s struggling with a lot now due to early fame.I think the prescription drug use is Aaron’s coping mechanism and he admits that.

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It’s tough to be judged and it’s easy to say, ‘Oh don’t worry about it,’ but he struggles with it more than some.In fact, the handsome emergency physician-turned-talk show host lacks any pretention whatsoever, dressed comfortably in gym clothes and gently leading a 16-year-old fluff-ball of a dog (named Nala) toward a wrought-iron two-topper., though, he seems to be describing someone else’s life.Stork’s public career might be based in Los Angeles, but he lives here for one big reason: so he can let “that guy” go and get back to being just “Travis.” Arriving in Nashville in 2003 to complete his residency at Vanderbilt, Stork had low expectations for the city.He wanted to set the record straight about what is going on with his health and the drugs he has been taking which he insists are the medications he has been prescribed.So he wanted to have a platform to tell his story, but more important he wanted to get help.

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