Error has occurred sp4 system updating w2k yum updating redhat repositories

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In fact, if they uncover any bug that breaks us or we uncover a bug that breaks us, they have to fix that prior to shipment.

So they consider that what I'd call a showstopper to find the bug.

One of the things that Microsoft does though, is they actually take our test suites and we put them into their labs, and this is something that we did since Windows 2000 Server.

In terms of Service Pack 4, I wasn't aware of any really huge problems that came up or a great volume of them, but every once and a while we do miss something because it's hard to anticipate all the potential configurations that our customers have, so we try to do as good as we can.So that's a part of the relationship at the development level.It does go well beyond that, though, where we have really great dialogs with people well in advance of new technologies coming out so that we can anticipate things, and again try to do the best we can, and we've got to work with that as well as with our customers to make sure we do a good job.[NB MS KB searches this week on the fault still drawing blank] Exactly the same error as jeffd before.As I had of course pre-saved my NTLDR and NTDETECT. COM, I might miss out on some new XP SP2 startup features. For newbies who have the problem, who did not back up these files before the XP SP2 install, just boot up XP, or Recovery console from CD if desparate, backup the current live copies, and locate the previous version of these files in x:\WINDOWS$Nt Service Pack Uninstall$ (where x: is your XP install drive) and copy them (or just NTLDR in my case) to root of C:\ (substitute your system's master boot drive here, normally C:) Back to top Thanks for the update, nightus, good to know it's simpler.

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