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forgive is applied to excusing more serious offenses; the person wronged not only overlooks the offense but harbors no ill feeling against the offender: to forgive and forget.

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Apologize for cancelling, then stress that a friend is going through a really hard time and needs you.(Don’t go out on the town after cancelling your date for reasons of sickness. This excuse might be met with a little defensiveness or anger, but it lets the person know that, A, you aren’t interested in dating around and playing games, and, B, you’ve decided that he/she isn’t the one.Odds are that you’ll run into the person you just cancelled on.) Text that your throat hurts and can’t chat. This excuse is more final than some of the others, with no real freedom to reschedule if you change your mind later. Don’t announce that your grandmother died if she’s very much alive.All of sudden, he’s missing in action or the days are passing without him checking in on you.If he was ready to be serious, this inconsistent behavior wouldn’t occur.

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