How to disable frostwire updating

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You should get to know foreign CPK qualities, and be able to identify them by sight if you like them.I have seen A LOT of common Colecos in foreign boxes, so you cannot always rely on what is on the box. They did not have strict combos, clothing fabric patterns, and gender assignments.Kids were 16-18 inches tall depending on the factory. P and PMI factory kids are taller and have skinny hands and feet, the eyes are smaller looking, but have nice rich eye paint and good blushing.Their heads tend to turn orange and get sticky and they are prone to Pox.Body Tags The side body tag will let you know what factory and country of origin your Kid is from.

Some kids are hand signed by Xavier, mostly Softies, but some MM kids were signed at collector events.They are a bit harder to find and very sought after by US collectors. Remember finding a CPK from a foreign factory does not guarantee rarity or high value.The value of these kids depends on condition and originality.The beautiful porcelain color can shift to a yellowish/green color.They are still beautiful with slight sea-sickness, just don t display them next to a tan Jesmar for example, it will exaggerate their sick look.

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