Interracial dating london argument for updating a systems network

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As for mixed race families, they are one of the fastest growing demographics in London and are far more socially accepted as a whole.

The fact that the media we consume is now so inclusive of mixed race couples in its advertising campaigns, surely suggests attitudes are changing?

Living in liberal society the couple have had positive experiences including reactions they had from friends and family when they announced they were together.

Despite this, there have been examples of a mixed ethnicity celebrity couple coming up against racism when revealing their relationship into the public domain.

“If we were to leave London, people would stare at us.

There was a big multicultural model campaign back in the 90s for the clothing shop the United colours of Bennetton and an acquaintance once nicknamed us ‘the Bennetton family’ which we found slightly offensive.

The two agreed they have never really thought about the fact they are in an interracial relationship and if that would have an impact on the way they are perceived by others, as they have never had any racial comments made about them.

“I don’t take any notice of it because at the end of the day, we love each other, the colour of our skin can’t get in the way of that,” they told us.

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