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"For partners with a large age gap between them, the amount and type of sex they each want can create issues," says Needle."As we age, we also tend to have more health problems and may potentially be on more medications, which can both impact sexual desire and response." RELATED: 10 Things That May Be Wrecking Your Sex Drive—and How to Get Back in the Mood Not all couples with an age difference are ill-fated, of course., Bekah Martinez (you know her as the coquettish, pixie cut–rocking "Bekah M.") finally revealed her age to this season's star, Arie Luyendyk Jr. Martinez is 22, making her 14 years younger than the 36-year-old race-car driver.(Cue this face.) But while fans may have been squirming on their couches, Luyendyk Jr.He asked Martinez if it's still important to her to go out and party with friends.

During Monday's episode, he described himself as someone who likes to get up early and live a quieter, more mellow lifestyle.The Bachelor is just beginning with its 22nd season on ABC. before (Bushnell) so the Virginia Beach product has that going for her. It turns out that the prediction of who will win the final rose as described above is still correct ... As if that weren't enough, he's now dating Lauren Burnham, this season's runner-up, after second thoughts about dumping her! The journey has come to its final chapter, though, as the Final Rose ceremony has been filmed, and The Bachelor spoilers have leaked. (That means nothing, but it is a fun coincidence right? RELATED: The 5 Coziest Sex Positions for Chilly Nights As you might expect, the answer isn't black and white."It really comes down to whether your lifestyles, goals, and maturity levels sync up," says Holly Richmond, Ph D, a Los Angeles–based sex and relationship therapist.

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    Later that year, they made controversial appearances on the second season of the American version of I'm a Celebrity... However, it has since developed into a cult classic.

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