Mcafee updating agent causing errors

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When I disable it CPU run normal and the computer as a whole operates normal.... I have an active subscription to Mc Afee full protection. I have completed all the basic other high cpu fixes such as disabling notifications, active tiles.Microsoft boasts the Anniversary Update is the best OS the company has ever developed, and hopes to convince as many users as possible to upgrade to Windows 10 although they now have to shell out 9 to get their hands on the OS.Weirdly, after a dozen or so test upgrades, I can't get to in my environment, so I don't have any real data on the fix.We'll probably still deploy the hotfix prior to making Sierra available for our users to upgrade to in the next couple of weeks.

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When I narrow down the issue on task manager in the open resource monitor, the System Events Broker is hogging all the CPU power. But the computer does not run correctly as I know it runs other background processes. When I re enable it and turn fire wall back on the CPU does not change, unless I restart the computer then it goes haywire again.

Mc AFee appears to be the only product affected by this. Could there be something weird in the way the installer is running?

On upgrading Mac OS from El Capitan to Sierra, the agent temp folder was getting deleted, causing DAT updates to fail.

I still need to test pushing it in other scenarios, but I think this will work.

@bvrooman when I tried running the uninstalls either in /usr/local/mcafee or in the path you gave, they failed.

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