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Hairiba Seminar asidagi yumfam oiraga makha tarakpada thengkhang kayarakta Leipak asigi maming leiraba Akhang ahei kayamarumga amuk kupthana neinaraba matungda fanglakkhiba finding sing adudagi yumfam oiduna resource person singna pibirakpa makhoigi Data amadi Report sing aduda yumfam oiraga machakhaina IPSA na taasin khomjinjaduna puthokkdouriba Lairik amani “FIRAL”.

Pikcharabasu ireipak Kangleipak asi singthabagi loiba nairaroidaba wari singbulna pik thanduna leiriba lamdam amani haibada haimanba thokloi haina IPSA na loujei.

JK’SCHAKHAOMATUM (BLACK RICE BALL)Ingredients:- Black rice flour, Soda, sugar, oil (peanut)METHOD:- Hours of preparation: - ½hrs.* Put black rice flour, a pinch of soda and mixed well with sugar and make a paste pouring water in it.

And mixing well till balance.* Keep aside for 10 min. And dry it again* Take 1 kg of milk (sana) break into smaller pieces and add rice flour max. B:-In summer the rice flour amount should be added more than the winter season.]MEITEI’S FAVOURITE CHAGEMPOMBAIngredients:- Hawaitharak(pea), Mustard leaf, Hawaimaton, Nga Ayaiba (Dry fish), Ngari (Fermented fish), Hawaijar (Fermented soya bean), Chagem (broken rice), Pakhon, Mustard oil, Napakpi, Phadigom (coriander leaf), Onion, ginger METHOD: Hours of preparation -Max.40 mins* Heat the oil, put in the chopped vegetables, and stir for some minutes.

Adubu British ki Crown yaodaba Firal asi Archivist singdagi fangjarakpa record ki matung inna, ariba lairik “Fiyan Puya” dagi fangkhibasi Meidingu Khagemba matamgi Firal ni.

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The departure stone standing still is the living example, which are being protected by the Makhel Village Chief and residents.

Hairiba Firal sing asi Pakhangbana panba matamdagina Meidingu Khagemba na panba matam faobada yaoriba potlamsing asi mapung oina chap mannana mafam khetnarabasu yaoba uba fangee.

Masida yamna chaona khetnaba ahongba ama laklibasi Meidingu Chandrakriti na paanba matam swaidagidi, Pakhangbagi Paphal mathakta British Crown yaosillakpa amadi Bengali mayek thaba uba fangee.

at the same time heat oil.* Make a ball size with the paste and cooked for 7 min.[N. 4 spoon* And mixed together.* Make a ball in individual desired size. Add sugar in a litre of water and bring it to boil,add elichi. And put in the fermented soya bean and stir.* Pour water according to the amount of vegetables.* When started boiling, put more fermented soya bean, fermented fish and also add some salt to taste.* After boiling for 5 mins, set aside to cool, at that time add pakhon and coriander leaf and keep cover till set.

B: The ball size is according to the preference of the individual]GULLAIngredients:- Milk(sana) - 1 kg, Sugar - 1kg Elichi 3 or 4 piece, Cheng gi yam(rice flour)Method:- Hours of preparation: - ½hrs.* Rice flour i. NUNGHAWAI MAHI (SWEET SOYABEAN SOUP)Ingredients: Soak soyabean (Nunghawai), Water, Sugar Method: Hours of preparation: - Max.3hrs* Soak soyabean for 12hrs* Put the soak soya bean and pour the water.

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