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Such sediment, even if from nearby hills, would normally carry very little organic material as the weathering slopes, themselves, would not have much to begin with.

Sediment, in the form of dust, would normally come from very dry areas where organic material would be quickly oxidized.

Consequently, there is a practical limit to how deep the soil can get even if erosion never occurs.

Under unusual conditions a layer of topsoil can be "fossilized," even to the point of preserving the three-dimensional shape of tree leaves, as is the case at Yellowstone National Park.) In the long run, buried sediments are usually cemented into sedimentary rock, which brings us back to the beginning of this cycle. Those "scientific" creationists who trot this plum about must be delirious!Do they really believe that we should wind up with x miles of topsoil (or some such nonsense) after billions of years?I suspect that most of them belong to plants which were chopped down years ago.There's not much down there in that clay to completely rot them away.

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