Scarecrow and mrs king start dating

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Anything going on behind the scenes is never obvious on screen. And I have to mention the recurring characters this season. Smyth (Myron Natwick) the new head of the agency who often causes more trouble than anything else. Fans of the show pretty much know what to expect here.

We’ve got all 22 episodes from the season on five discs in their native mono sound and full frame picture. There are a few flaws with the picture, mostly with any stock footage used, but most fans of the show won’t find any horrid flaws with the picture or sound. We haven’t gotten any yet, why should we expect any now?

I must admit I seriously don’t get their relationship at this point because they are still sneaking around, but Amanda’s family has met Lee as her boyfriend. Frankly, this show has never been that good with continuity.

Hey, it’s an 80’s show, which means that serious story arcs just don’t happen.

He also learns something about his parents who died when he was a boy.

These episodes were predictable and corny, but that was good TV to me.It’s always a joy to see the final season of an older TV show hit DVD since sometimes it takes forever. Romance is definitely in the air in season four since Lee “Scarecrow” Stetson (Bruce Boxleitner) and divorced mother of two Amanda King (Kate Jackson) have secretly started dating.Warner Brothers didn’t make us wait super long for the final season of Scarecrow & Mrs. They are keeping their relationship a secret since they both work for the Agency, a secretive spy branch that seems to track foreign agents in America but all over the world (think combining the FBI and CIA while running parallel to them).I didn't watch TV then or now for disturbing drama and stressful storylines. I didn't have to cover my eyes or shriek in horror at what I heard when I watched two of my favorite actors on this show.I was a fan of Bruce Boxleitner since his days on the How the West Was Won mini-series (1977).

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