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Once you've clicked next, you'll need to type your chosen 4 numbers on the Game Pad twice to confirm, choosing "OK" after each one.

Although it likely goes without saying, we should probably note here that you should use something your child won't be able to guess - not 1234, 9999, or any birthdays that they might know.

It's also pretty cool that blocking access to games over a certain age rating will also prevent you from viewing the game pages for those games on the Wii U e Shop - a pretty useful tool, as these pages otherwise contain screenshots, and sometimes even trailers that may be inappropriate.

If you want to let your child view a game with an age rating higher than they're allowed on the e Shop, you can always put your parental controls PIN in to allow access just that once.

As you'd likely expect, then, the parental controls on its latest console, the Wii U, amongst the most in depth of any of the "big three".

If your child goes to play a game that has a higher age rating than they're allowed, you'll have the option of entering your PIN to let them play it just that once - although, sadly, there's no option to add a permanent exception.

It's worth noting, however, that these settings only apply to Wii U games.

As the console is fully backwards compatible with Wii games, and can run any Wii game you put in it, you'll want to set up controls for Wii games too, which we'll come to later.

Of course, with access to the internet comes access to a whole range of things on the web's seedy underbelly, and there's all sorts of questionable things the kids may stumble upon when given free range of the web.

With that in mind, it's understandable you may want to turn off access to the web through the Wii U altogether.

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