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My Walgreens is the one on Southport Supply Road in Southport NC. Also the pharmacist at that time was also trying to help by trying to track down my provider and/or the insurance company. I had as much luck as they did and had to go to corporate headquarters of my provider who got it dome in under 3 hrs. I made it within 3 hours of the 7 day deadline to receive my refund thanks to those at Walgreens.

We have one that stays walking around half the time talking to people. This is also the same one that walks around talking half the time and wants people sending her texts at work. Another person in my training class was on a call with a customer when a supervisor came up to him and started fussing at him, while he was on the phone.She was given three prescriptions to fill and it was already pm and I know the pharmacy closes at pm.Knowing I would not have time to get to my primary pharmacy before closing time the nurse called the closet pharmacy #10478 at 1601 George Washington Way in Richland, Washington. and explained our situation and the three prescriptions we were needing to fill.They upgrade this person to a position that she shouldn’t be working at 4 months.They moved to do outbound at 6 months from starting. She has been written up for cussing 3 times, plays on her phone all the time, talks loud all the time about sex on the floor and the bosses don’t say anything.

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