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There are many clues you will need to use to determine the age of a garment.

The style, the cut, the fabric used and even the way it is constructed are all very important details to begin to look for and understand.

Take a look in your closet and tell me if you see anything made from Dynel, Acrilan, Fortrel, Lurex or Vycron. The style of the label's graphics can also be a clue as to the time period of the clothing.

While many of these fabrics provided great wash and wear, non-fading and permanent press options, many of them were still experimental and later proved unstable. This Checkaberry dress has great late 1960's graphics, and, although marked a size 12, is closer to a modern 4 or 6.

This dress shows both a manufacturer's label and the care label inexpensively printed, not stitched.

The graphics reflect popular rounded styles of the late 1970's and the Size 18 shown is closer to a modern size 10/12.

The union label can also be helpful, and there is a good site here with great information.

Because they are easy to show, I decided to use manufacturer and store labels as my first post in this category.

The store from which it was purchased, Shepard, was in operation until it closed in 1974.

This dress - marked a size 12 fifty years ago, is a modern size 6. Manufacturers were excited about the possibilities of new synthetics, so, you see many synthetic names on 1960's tags that you did not see before or after.

This iron from the 1960's has a great list of those fabrics!

People often ask me how I know about the age of items, and, it can be hard to answer because to me so much of it is obvious and subconscious.

While in the Salvation Army the other day, however, I explained to two teenage girls looking through records what "LP" stood for, and, what a "45" is.

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