Validating refinements to laboratory animal housing

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The 3R principles remain a fundamental concept in laboratory animal science today, underpinning EU and national legislation on the protection and welfare of animals used for scientific purposes.These principles also apply to the conduct of studies used in domestic animals as well as wild animals or birds that might be the subject of research projects.In addition, Reduction applies to the sharing of resources and tissues between research groups.

Therefore the HPRA believes that Reduction should start with good experimental design and planning.It is a searchable 3Rs database with resources such as guidelines, journals and websites.The 3Rs Microsite This is a Canadian website dedicated to the 3Rs which has a 3Rs search guide, as well as other resources for researchers using both farm and laboratory animals.An integrated application of these approaches would give an insight into minimum use of animals in scientific experiments.El enriquecimiento ambiental en el cuidado de los animales en cautividad consiste en mejorar su bienestar tanto físico como psicológico identificando y proporcionándoles los estímulos ambientales necesarios para optimizar su calidad de vida.​ El objetivo del enriquecimiento ambiental es mejorar o mantener la salud física y mental aumentando la cantidad de comportamientos específicos de la especie que realice el animal, incrementar la utilización positiva del espacio de cautiverio, prevenir o reducir la frecuencia de comportamientos anormales como los movimientos estereotipados y aumentar la capacidad individual para afrontar los desafíos de la cautividad.

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