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Derren Brown was bullied at school but he has taken this experience and turned it into a positive to help other people.

During his show Infamous, Derren shared some truly inspiration worlds with the audience about his experience: “Although at points in life other people will make you feel like it the worst thing in the world to be different and stand out.

You can buy prints of his work or his Portraits book which is a collection of all his works.

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He’s also kept three other parrots; Siegfried the Conure, Mephisto the Senegal and Rasputin, a Blue Quaker.Practicing and perfecting tricks takes skill and dedication, and Derren is also an intellect.He read German and Law at Bristol University and it was there where he watched a hypnotist show by Martin S.Derren Brown is reportedly banned from every casino in the UK, but he could always help you win the lottery…Derren demonstrated in one of his stage shows that if you are distracted by counting you don’t notice a huge gorilla at the edge of the screen.

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