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(The company hosts occasional “build your own vibrator” nights — at the Exploratorium, and the South by Southwest music festival — that have drawn hundreds of guests and spurred conversations about sexuality.) Topolovac set up a photo studio and a sign about the project in the factory garage not knowing if he’d have any takers.Six hours later, he’d snapped 170 portraits, which he and colleagues winnowed to 50 before inviting them back for another session of photography in their everyday clothes.The portraits were taken by Michael Topolovac, a co-founder of Crave luxury sex toys for women, ... A man kneels, his face hidden by a leather dog mask.A couple laughs, the woman clad in a police hat and lacy shirt and stockings, the man in leather pants and a shirt with epaulets.A new online photo exhibition shows the diversity of human sexual expression as seen at the Folsom Street Fair.The portraits were taken by Michael Topolovac, a co-founder of Crave luxury sex toys for women, based in San Francisco.The subjects are fair-goers who volunteered to be photographed twice — in costume at the fair, and then later, in their street clothes. “We believe pleasure is a huge part of who we are — that those who can own their own pleasure can lead happier, fuller more empowered lives,” said Topolovac, whose company aims to remove cultural stigmas about guilt-free sex and pleasure.

And afterward, you may try to forget that it ever happened. But, when a relationship becomes serious, silence is not the best plan.You may no longer be able to have children because of cancer treatment.Maybe you can still have children but fear that you won’t live to see your child grow up.If you had hoped to marry or to remarry, you may not want to involve a partner in such an uncertain future.Concerns about having children can also affect your new relationships.

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