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I just found out that my VP of sales is having a romantic relationship with my VP of finance. If decisions are made within a group, it can make your other senior managers uncomfortable.

It really shouldn’t be your business who your employees date. It’s common for companies to have policies prohibiting romantic relationships between a supervisor and a direct subordinate.

The advice is the opinion of long-time business owner Gene Marks. I run a 100-person company, so we’re not a huge business. When this occurs, a policy could be that one of the participants in the relationship must switch professional roles or jobs in the company or, in some cases, leave the company altogether. Even if one is not reporting to the other, there could be overlap in their responsibilities.In his email signature I noticed that he lists his office number and his mobile number. The guy’s a prospect and it appears that you’ve had communications with him in the past. Not even a quick email reply to tell you that he’s no longer interested? All you’re trying to do is to get a resolution on your deal.I know there’s a line when it comes to calling people on their mobile phones. Of course you’ll be disappointed if the answer is no, but at least you’ll have an answer so you can spend your time on other things.Call it a warning, a friendly chat or whatever it is, but ultimately, it’s important that this conversation takes place.It not only allows you to judge how serious or potentially damaging the situation can become, but it also sets the tone of your views on the whole matter.

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